Individual Therapy



Individual therapy provides a collaborative process to establish and strengthen self-awareness in the areas of your life where change and affirmation are important.

Specialties include: Depression, Anxiety, and Major Life-Changes



Circumstances and challenges affect everyone differently, and experiences of sadness are normal. However prolonged sadness, often referred to as the “blues,” can be debilitating if left unacknowledged and untreated.

In the therapeutic treatment of depression, we will seek to:

  • Understand the contributing factors of depression – psychological and psychosocial
  • Identify and understand life events
  • Help to reaffirm and develop positive self-awareness
  • Explore and rediscover the joys and contentment of life
  • Learn and incorporate strategic coping and problem-solving skills



Anxiety is a response to situations in which we have no control over the outcome. Constant worries, fears, and preoccupied thoughts of the future events can greatly affect our day-to-day activities of life. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress and everyone experiences it. Seeking therapy can assist in building skills to help manage and reduce your anxiety.


Major Life-Changes

Life throws us many curve balls. Some of these changes are positive, while others can leave you feeling lost and in need of direction. Together we can identify, define, and discover strategies for recovery.